Chicken Chipotle Empanada - Soon To Be Your Favorite Empanada

Empanadas are hand-held filled pastry turnovers that have been popular in Latin America for centuries. Every country from Spain to Mexico has their own version and a variety of fillings that range from savory, to spicy, to sweet. Empanadas are best known as portable and hearty meals for working people in factories or fields.

 A Brief History of Empanadas. Empanadas can be filled with seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit are wildly popular throughout Latin and South America. Empanadas are believed to have originated in Galicia (Spain) and Portugal where the Empanada Festival is part of Galician culture. Empanada comes from the verb empanar, meaning “to wrap or coat in bread”. Empanadas are made by folding dough around the stuffing consisting of meat, cheese, corn, or other sweet or savory ingredients.

Empanadas are also found all over Mexico, in a vast array of flavors, sizes, and stuffings. They range from the corn dough empanadas filled with local fish in the coastal state of Tabasco, to the plantain dough empanadas of the port city of Veracruz, often stuffed with a beef and pork picadillo seasoned with olives and raisins, a combination usually found in Spain.

Empanadas are more common (and more readily available) than sandwiches in Latin America and amazingly versatile with endless filling combinations and styles of dough.  Once you try these Chicken Chipotle Empanadas you’ll understand why these portable pies are so popular.

Neilly’s Chicken Chipotle Empanadas are irresistible as a spicy appetizer, dinner entree, or snack that can be prepared in the microwave or baked in the oven. Neilly’s Chicken Chipotle Empanadas are ready to eat, a pre-baked pastry filled with all natural free range, cage free chicken and fresh vegetables and chipotle (smoked hot chili pepper) spices.

Neilly’s Chicken Chipotle Empanadas are made with unbleached and unbromated dough and contain NO preservatives, NO Artificial flavoring, and absolutely NO MSG.

 There are two convenient ways to heat your Neilly’s Chicken Chipotle Empanadas.

Remove from the package and place them in the microwave directly from the freezer and microwave on high for about two minutes. Allow your empanada to cool and enjoy. You can also bake your empanadas in your oven at 400 degrees. You may also choose to brush the empanadas with olive oil prior to baking, and bake for 10-15 minutes. Remove carefully from your oven, allow to cool and enjoy!