We have taken some of the most complex recipes from around the world and made them fun, simple, quick, healthy, and convenient.

Originally from Cameroon, Albert and I enjoy America and its cuisine, but we were homesick for the native dishes from our home country in Central Africa. We were accustomed to wholesome foods with a myriad of flavors, and trying to find sources to provide the culinary memories of our native land proved to be virtually impossible.

There certainly were no difficulties finding Asian or Italian dishes, or even some Latin and Caribbean foods at a few specialty stores. However, many of the products were a poor representation of the heritage they portrayed. Sadly, many of those products are filled with MSG, preservatives, dyes, fillers, and salt. We decided we cannot share these foods with our children, so why not make the type of exciting and flavorful natural foods we were accustomed to?

The concept of Neilly’s Foods was born!

We started preparing our favorites dishes to enjoy throughout the week. Being two busy professionals, this gave us an opportunity to indulge in our favorite cuisine. Over time, these favorites were shared among family and friends, then with friends of friends. Surprisingly we started receiving orders from individual families and parties.

We decided to take our cuisine on the road to our neighborhood food shows, and to the local farmers market. While maintaining our two professional careers and providing delicious wholesome authentic cuisine for our customers, friends and family, we became overwhelmed. It was an easy decision committing to quitting our jobs and focusing exclusively to the idea of bringing flavorful, convenient, and wholesome cuisine to the world.

Neilly’s Foods is the expression of our passion for new and exciting flavorful dishes from around the globe. Our inspiration comes from hidden regions throughout the world, and we are excited to bring you these authentic and lively flavors from Africa to the Caribbean!

Julie Ndjee