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Jerk Rice & Black Beans Mix


Neilly's Jerk Rice and Black Beans Mix is a tantalizing blend that brings the bold and spicy flavors of Jamaican cuisine to your kitchen with utmost ease. This vibrant and convenient rice mix combines fragrant long-grain rice with a robust medley of Jamaican jerk seasonings. The addition of black beans not only enhances the texture but also contributes to the dish's nutritional richness. The result is a mouthwatering fusion of savory, smoky, and spicy notes that embodies the essence of authentic jerk-style cooking.

Neilly's Jerk Rice and Black Beans Mix provides a quick and flavorful solution for those craving the dynamic taste of the Caribbean, making it an ideal accompaniment to grilled meats, seafood, or a satisfying standalone dish that transports you to the sunny and flavorful vibes of Jamaica. Whether you're a spice enthusiast or simply seeking a culinary adventure, this mix is a delightful option for infusing your meals with the spirited zest of Caribbean cuisine.

Meal in a resealable bag 

Just add water and cook

Ready in 20 minutes!

Pairing Tips : Beef, Chicken

Serves 12!

Vegan, Certified Non-GMO, Gluten-free Low Sodium!


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