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Thai Jasmine Rice Mix


Neilly's Thai Jasmine Rice Mix offers a delightful taste of Thailand in a convenient and versatile package. Crafted with fragrant Thai jasmine rice, renowned for its floral aroma and fluffy texture, this mix embodies the essence of Thai cuisine. Infused with a harmonious blend of authentic Thai spices and a touch of coconut, the result is a tantalizing combination of savory and aromatic notes that transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Thailand.

Neilly's commitment to quality ensures a quick and flavorful solution for those craving the exotic flavors of Thai cooking without the need for complex preparation. Whether paired with chicken, vegetables, or enjoyed on its own, Neilly's Thai Jasmine Rice Mix promises an authentic Thai dining experience at home with each delicious bite.

Meal in resealable bag!

Ready in 20 minutes. 

Just add water and cook!

Vegan, Certified Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Low Sodium!

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